Join the liberated space

13A big number of us are still in occupation -we intend to be till the demands are met- We need support, the larger the numbers are the bigger the pressure on the university is!

The occupation started with over 200 students (having over 250 at the highest point), 60 students stayed over night! Currently we have 40 student in the liberated place with groups of students having gone out to hold stalls, flyer, give lecture announcements.

Any ManUni student is allowed to enter the building, and is very welcome!!!

We have an alternative day of learning in the liberated space, with an impressive list of speakers and topics!! Sessions start at 12, 2, 4 and 6pm today’s program:

12pm: Racism and resistance in the UK

2pm: Student and lecturers: unity for Palestine

4pm: Against the Arms trade

6pm: Voices from Gaza

8pm: Film showing/Entertainment

In solidarity
Manchester occuaption



  1. occupier from king's said

    omg finally – good on you!!! i’m from manchester and been wondering when you lot would get started! may the storm spread ;D. best of luck, stick through it and you’ll get your demands.

  2. pink said

    i’ve never missed being a student until the uni occupations started – well done man uni, took long enough but better late than never! 🙂 all the best – and i love the demand for scholarships for the refuseniks, it’s brilliant

  3. slavek said

    well done guys, keep it up! just returned home from the strathclyde uni occupation and nearly all of our demands were met today, which shows once again that direct action does work.

    best of luck to you & stick through it,

    in solidarity,

    strathclyde uni

  4. ludek said

    well done, keep it up! just got back from the strathclyde uni occupation and you have all our support. our demands were met today with a lot fewer people, so stick it through & you’ll get yours through too! and keep us posted on what’s happening…we’re spreading the news:

    in solidarity,

    stratchlyde uni

  5. E. said

    Hey guys, what is the latest from Manchester Uni ?

    Solidarity from Glasgow !

  6. Tom Skinner said

    I couldn’t be happier. When I handed over the keys to the General Secretary’s office last year I had only one hope- a hope that would render any frustrations or disappointments entirely irrelevant.

    I hoped that, with or without the support of their Union, students would continue to campaign strongly on issues that matter. This day I see my hope is fulfilled.

    Viva Manchester!

  7. Tom Skinner said

    Some of these demands should be met. I see no reason why, for example, the university can’t support fundraising for the DEC appeal, divest from arms companies (it’s already gone some way to this), support students’ right to protest, give scholarships for hard up people from Palestine, and abstain from victimising the occupying protestors.

    And don’t forget that when we occupied the Martin Harris building in October 2007, President Gilbert agreed to most of our demands by agreeing to meet the students for a public debate, to set in motion home fees for asylum seekers and divestment from some arms companies (both of which happened later that academic year), and to allow student representatives to sit on all task forces for the Undergradtuate Teaching and Learning Review.

    My prayers are with you.

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