and if you can’t come:


UNI +44 (0) 161 306 6000
+44 (0)161 306 6010

POLICE 0161 872 5050

(be polite)



  1. Friends of Palestine said

    What room did you guys occupy? Was it some place where lectures where supposed to take place, or where the university staff was working?

    I’m way too far from Manchester, but I’ll try to get the members of the Warwick uni Palestine society to complain.

  2. […] is the statement by the Manchester students under occupation that can be found here. As they say, contact the Manchester University and police if you can. THE UNIVERSITY ARE TRYING TO […]

  3. whoevaur said

    This shows Gilbert for the bully and the coward he is, rather then even consider the demands he would rather resort to out side forces to remove the problem from his doorstep!

    I didnt make it in today but I have been hearing nothing but postive comments from everyone who did.

    Well done and keep strong and focused, you can win!!

  4. Chris S said

    Around 200 hundred students are now occupaying two sections of the University, the John Owen Building and the central sorting office. The sorting office is barricaded and there is no entry unless we remove the barricades.

    Those of us in the sorting office are willing to stay as long as it takes to win our demands. The postal office is of central importance to the University and they will need to start talking to us if they wish to get it back.

  5. angela said

    just a quick message of support, keep in there guys, il be down tomorrow to see how its going

  6. Well done to all of you in occupation. Your stand gives confidence to all who are building solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza. I was at the rally outside the building tonight. Here is a brief report I have posted

    Man Uni students stand firm as occupation continues.

    ‘If the people of Gaza can withstand three weeks of bombing and blockade, then students here can stay three weeks in occupation’.

    This message was conveyed by megaphone from those students inside the occupied administrative building at Manchester University, to students and supporters locked out of the occupation.

    In a sudden turn of events the Vice Chancellor at 5pm Thursday issued a notice stating that the students must now all leave the occupation as they had ‘interrupted’ the day to day running of the University. Immediately students mobilised swelling the numbers in occupation, supporters from across the city came down. One group of students occupied the Post Room, barricading themselves in.

    The Vice Chancellor’s attempt to intimidate the students into abandoning their occupation backfired badly. The police were called in in numbers, but they stood down saying the students had broke no laws, everything was peaceful. Except of course to the constant chanting to ‘Free Palestine!’ and ‘Let us in! Let us in!’

    A solidarity rally grew up outside the occupation giving confidence to the students inside to stand firm. Numbers were reinforced with activists from the daily protest outside the BBC. More students came down. We set up a PA system so we could broadcast our message for all to hear.

    UCU spokesperson Pete Hicks, who conveyed support from the union, was cheered when he said that as a student he was part of an occupation of the same building. ‘We stayed in for two weeks over tuition fees’, he said. Lecturers had addressed the student occupation earlier in the day. Next week they are hosting an Anti War Teach In with Stop the War.

    At midnight the solidarity rally outside ended, students remained in occupation, those in the Post Room refused to move. Now people are building to widen support and mobilise for a campus demonstration starting 2pm Friday.

  7. “Could I say just again that we respect your right to protest, I like to see students committed to causes. I hope you have a comfortable night”, Vice Chancellor Gilbert to students in occupation in solidarity with Gaza on the first day.

    See him here say it here.

    24 hours later Gilbert called the police in an unsuccessful attempt force students to leave.

  8. Human said

    Great Work Guys , I really wish I could be with you Guys , But I don’t live in UK , We are so proud of you Guys , Never Go Down , keep Going !!!

  9. Solidarity from the LSE, stay strong, call the media!! Press Association:
    44 (0)870 120 3200 ask to speak to the newsdesk

  10. DickReilly said

    Solidarity from Chicago. Your actions are being followed by Palestine solidarity groups at universities here in the States and around the world. Expect to see the wave of occupations spread beyond the UK.

    No pasaran.

  11. pink said

    hope u have the support of student direct at least! well done on the post room lol!

  12. S said

    Solidarty from Nottingham. Don’t let them kick you out!

  13. Ian C said

    Solidarity from Jews Against the Occupation in New Jersey. Everyone is watching your actions very closely in the US. The university of Rochester (in New York) began a building occupation in solidarity with you today…and others will probably not be far behind

  14. Gomaa said

    it is pleasure to me to write you
    it is the most suitable work that you done
    it is well known about the crims againist Gaza
    we are with you

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