Message from Goldsmiths SU

To all our fellow students in occupation,

From South East London, we give are whole and unconditional support to
your inspiring occupation in support of Gaza. The action you are taking at
present is not just important for your university, but also to ours as
well. Since the beginning of last year we have been campaigning to get
scholarships for our twin university in Palestine, Al Quds Open
University. For so long our Warden (Vice-Chancellor) has ignored or
patronised us over this issue, but now he has called senior mangement
talks over the scholarships and circulated emails to staff on how to deal
with occupations!

So when we do finally win these scholarships (and we will) it is as much
through the efforts of your solidarity work (and the dozens of other
solidarity occupations) as it has been ours.

So, on behalf of us all, best luck and you have our full support and will
be ready to act in any way we can to support your occupation.
Long Live Palestine!

From, Goldsmiths’ Students’ Union


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  1. […] fifth day and still going strong. They received a email of support from students at Goldsmiths, who say that the countrywide occupations are helping them win their battles for Palestinian […]

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