Open Letter to Alan Gilbert

Below is a copy of an open letter from the occupied space in the Simon Building to the University of Manchester’s Vice-Chancellor Alan Gilbert who has so far refused to discuss our demands.

Dear Mr. Gilbert,

As requested by you, the students occupying the administration corridor and the postal room have moved. Therefore, to continue our act of solidarity with Gaza, we are now occupying the Simon building.

You already know our demands. We honestly hope that now you can reconsider your, until now, very obstinate position.

In order for negotiations to continue we demand immediate free access for all those wishing to join us in our occupied space. Denying us this right, as you have seen, will only increase our determination. We will not bow to intimidation and we will not become isolated.

Tomorrow our supporters, together with the press, will gather outside the building to show their solidarity with us, our cause, and the people of Gaza.

You are also reminded that we have moved once, and can move again. Consider this just the beginning.

Yours sincerely,

The Manchester Uni Occupation



  1. Nick said

    The majority of Manchester University students and staff who feel for humanity are 110% behind you, as well as the people right around the world, from as far as Australia, Canada and South Africa as shown in their heartfelt testaments. History will prove us right, our actions will never be in vein (despite what the VC may think).


  2. Charlie said

    Stay strong. Justice for Gaza will come. The waves of protest will not waver until the VC acknowledges our student right to protest within our own University. Alan Gilbert will fall.

  3. zainab said

    vc = noob. people with power never use it effectively do they.
    all the best to yall, have faith.
    those who cant physically be there are there with you in spirit. x

  4. The Zionists thugs have trying–for a very long time–to destroy the Palestinian people’s will to struggle for justice. Your occupation is a noble and historic struggle which strengthens the Palestinian resolve. Do not be deterred by in the intimidation and lies of the Zionists, the university management, their “security” goons and the pigs.

  5. Robin Ryder said

    The thing is, you all sound like a sketch from Life of Brian.

    “. . . . . actions will never be in vein” :)) :)) Oh Nick, did an education in the English language pass you by or were you too busy with other things? Not to mention mathematics. 110%? :: Sigh ::

    “security” goons and pigs
    So you insult the people who are probably on your side in the first place and then wonder why they are not prepared to credit you with even a glimmer of intelligence.

    Grow up.

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