Support Manchester University students in occupation! Demo TODAY and more {updated}

1. Come down and join the peaceful occupation of the John Owens building in solidarity with Gaza.
Another alternative day of learning is being planned after the great success of Thursday’s day of learning.
The building will be open from 8am on Friday. Any Manchester student or alumni are expected to be allowed into the building from 8am onwards. (#48 on campus map)

update: (students have not been allowed into the building today (yet) we are still asking people to gather outside, mobilise for the demo)

2. Join the demonstration of solidarity, 2pm, on the Manchester University Student Union steps, Oxford road.

3. Call the Vice Chancellor Alan Gilbert, to complain about the university’s treatment to the peaceful protest – Tel: +44 (0)161 306 6010

4. Send a complaint by email to the university and the Vice Chancellor, to complain about the treatment to the peaceful protest – Email:

After acknowledging the students’ right to protest on the first day (Wednesday), the Vice Chancellor of the university Alan Gilbert has tried to intimidate the students into abandoning their protest without even addressing their demands.

The university security forcefully removed at least 5 of the students occupying the main administration building in the University of Manchester. Those students were joined with several other students to occupy the Post Room in the same building.

A large number of police were called on the scene, and the students inside the administration building had to deal with several intimidating messages as the university refused to deal with any of their demands and ordered them to leave the occupied building.

The students held out and they are still in occupation and are an even more strong position now, with two occupied spaces not only one!!! And more importantly, the student population reception to the occupation has been amazing, with more students joining the action and demonstration of support outside the building continuing till midnight on Thursday!



  1. Sympathiser said

    Hi Guys – one of you asked me who the UNISON rep for the University was.

    The branch chair is someone called Debra Dickson

    Not sure if you can get on the staffnet, but try this for more contact info:

    Take care all of you who remain!

  2. Tom said

    Respect! Manchester is proud of you. Be sure to keep us informed if there is any other ways to support you. Take care.

  3. Liz Campbell Scott said

    Just wanted you to know that many thousands of people all over the UK are behind you.

    I’m the parent of a student elsewhere – her university has listened, and responded. I wish the same for you.

    Take care, keep safe.

  4. Callum Williamson said

    Solidarity, you have the support of the masses and of students everywhere.
    Victory to the students!
    Victory to the people of Palestine!

  5. Husam Hawally said

    Good Luck Comrades.
    I was an activist student at Salford University in the mid eighties and I know how
    it’s like trying to negotiate with a bunch of sleazy & corrupt perocrates, so just
    hang on their and stick to your demands and I am sure you will get what you want.
    We are all behiind you because you are seeking JUSTICE & FAIR demands.

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