Growing Support in Manchester

Today at 2pm around 60 people from around Manchester and beyond came to a protest outside the occupied Simon Building in a show of support for us and the struggle of the people of Palestine. Both campaigners outside and students inside spoke on many subjects ranging from the situation in Gaza now, to the experiences we’ve had in our occupation. During the course of the protest a handful of the scores of messages of support we have received from around the world were read out. This included messages from Palestinian students, the UCU union and other students in Britain campaigning for Palestine. Today’s protest was a continuation of the widespread support that we have from all over.

The people of Manchester have been a key part of that support and instrumental in keeping us comfortable and well fed. Yesterday we received fresh fruit, bedding and kitchen equipment amongst a whole host of other supplies kindly donated by individuals and campaigns across Manchester.

In addition to this material support we’ve also just received the signatures of 174 people from Manchester who support us and our aims. This comes on top of the sustained support we have been given by members of university staff who have helped to lift our moral and add to the strength we have at the university. Hundreds of students and people from Manchester have been involved in this occupation in one way or another and this occupation is their protest as much as it is ours.

We must not and will not forget that this is fundamentally a protest for Palestine. The best way people can support us is to continue to build on the massive movement we have seen. We thank people for their support and hope it continues and that together we can keep pushing forward our campaign locally, nationally and internationally to fight against the oppression of Palestinians. Keep checking our blog, keep emailing your messages in to and keep coming down outside the building to show your support.



  1. I would like to come down and make a short video of your occupation for Manchester Stop the War Coalition website.

  2. Sarah Collins said

    Well done everyone! Keep going and keep pushing the management. Good luck!

  3. Joe Ramirez said

    Well done to all of you! Keep up the struggle!

  4. Noor Sharif said

    Keep it up guys! 🙂

    Is there any way into the building anymore??

  5. Yaasmin said

    Assala-mu-alaikum (Peace be upon you ALL)

    Jazak-Allah (May Allah reward you) for all your efforts and ingenuity for this kind of ideas. Now you can practically experience what occupation feels like in a very small scale, but small good deeds are what make the tremendous difference. Occupation for 40 plus years must be unimaginable and unacceptable under ANY rules and regulations. Well done to all of you and you have the support and prayers of all the God fearing people. May you all be rewarded accordingly, Insha-Allah.

  6. Salim Bougouffa said

    Well done! Raising awareness is instrumental for the better future for generations to come. I wish you the best of luck and please keep us update through this blog…I might not leave comments all the time but I am always reading.

  7. Man Met Occupation said

    Got this today.. thought I would forward to you.

    Dear students in occupation,

    I’m reporting for Workers’ Weekly Youth Group, a group of writers and disseminators of politics, which has a Youth and Students website and section in the communist paper Workers’ Weekly/Daily Internet Edition dedicated to reporting on the agenda young people are setting themselves for building a bright future for society. We are very interested in the current wave of university and college occupations, and as part of our full support, we would like to report on what students are saying and doing concerning these occupations.

    So I’d very much appreciate your time to answer the questions below. Please be aware we will consider all comments for publication unless you make clear what should be off the record. Also, please indicate whether you’d like names mentioned or not, etc.

    Thank you very much,


    1. How is the occupation going?
    2. Tell us about the aims of the occupation. What are the issues?
    3. What support has the action got? What is the sentiment of the university staff and the local community?
    4. What is the response of the university management?
    5. What other actions have been organised?
    6. How has the media reported the issue?
    7. How are students themselves summing up and reporting on their experiences?
    8. The government has been pushing for the so-called “war on terror” to be taken up in the universities. Can you comment on this?
    9. A lot of young people are disillusioned with the big party system. Do you see students organising taking up politics in a new way as an alternative? Would you say that students need to become political themselves?
    10. Is there anything else you’d like to say?

  8. Sara Khan said

    What you’re doing is great guys!!! We’re all behind you and are showing our support in all ways possible. Just don’t give up, together we can make a difference!

  9. Zaid said

    Well done guys, I was outside the Simon Building today and am just so inspired by what we all have been able to achieve so far. We on the outside will continue to support the occupation! This is just the beginning!

    Free Free Palestine!

  10. College Lecturer Pete Hicks from Man Met UCU spoke in support of your occupation at the solidarity rally outside Owens Building on Thursday night. Now the UCU nationally have issued a message of support to all students in occupation.

    Support is now become national.


    Statement of support for student occupations over Gaza from members of the UCU union NEC

    As members of the University and College Union National Executive Committee, we would like to send solidarity greetings to the students in the 17 universities who have occupied their universities in protest over the Gaza crisis. This is the largest wave of occupations for over a quarter of a century. Too often, the media seek to portray this generation of students as ones who do not share the aspirations of the 1968 generation – and deride you as, “Generation Apathy”. Your actions have decisively dispelled this myth.

    Your demands to secure disinvestment by universities from companies involved in selling arms to Israel and free scholarships for students from Gaza show your humanity. You speak for the millions of young people throughout the world who are sick and tired of war and injustice, who simply desire a world in which the young grow up not knowing what it is like to kill and maim.

    You are an inspiration to us all and we wish you every success and call upon all those who want a more peaceful world to support your action.

    Signatories (all in a personal capacity)
    Amanda Sackur
    Maira Daley
    Alan Whitaker
    Maeve Landman
    Brian Ingham
    Maureen Henry-Johnson
    Christine Vie
    Malcolm Povey
    David Swanson
    Sasha Callaghan
    Gavin Reid
    Sean Vernell
    James Eaden
    Terry Brotherstone
    Jim Guild
    Tom Hickey
    Jane Hardy
    John Murphy
    Karen Evans
    Lynne Chamberlain
    Mark Campbell

  11. M. Ibrahim said

    Well Done, Guys.

  12. Roy said

    What you are doing is an inspiring example to us all. Well done and keep up the good work!

    Roy Wilkes
    Manchester Respect

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