Message of Solidarity from An-Najah University

Below is a message of solidarity sent to us from the Student Council of An-Najah university in Palestine. The pro-Palestine movement at Manchester university won a twinning agreement with An-Najah in November 2007.

Dear fellow students of Manchester University,

The Student Council of An-Najah National University extends its sincerest thanks and appreciation for the courageous and principled action you have taken in solidarity with our people in Gaza. This non-violent action to pressure the administration of your university to take a more proactive stance to condemn Israeli aggression on Gaza reminds us, as an oppressed people, that we are not alone in our fight for freedom and justice. The demands that you have articulated for the ‘occupation’ you have staged express a new level of practical solidarity with the Palestinian people in their fight against Israeli oppression. Your move demonstrates great awareness, an awareness that arose despite of media biases and unjust portrayal of the conflict. You have proven to everyone that those who seek the truth shall find the truth, no matter how misleading propaganda is, or how unjust governments are.

We are indeed inspired and comforted to know that there are such extraordinary young men and women, who believe and strive for justice, and are willing to stand in the frontlines to defend it. We highly appreciate what you are doing, and your efforts shall certainly be remembered. You have our utmost respect, and ‘inshAllah’ all of your demands will be met!

In solidarity and with a great sense of appreciation we salute you from An-Najah National University in the besieged city of Nablus.

The Student Council of An-Najah National University



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  2. We have put a newsfeed of your blog on the Greater Manchester Stop the War Coalition website so that activists can follow your inspirational struggle.

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