Independent article on wave of student occupations

The following is an article published in today’s Independent on Sunday. It shows what an impact all of the occupations across the country are having. Buy the paper for a picture of our very own poster boy Katan who will be signing autographs this week.


  1. Normal said

    One article in the Independent, and I bet you self-indulgent middle class students think think you’re little revolutionaries. Or even vaguely supported – the vast, vast majoirty of students think you’re annoying oddballs. Also note you fibbed about the numer of people at the meeting and didn’t mention the antisemitism… oh no, that’s a Zionist ploy, isn’t it. Everyone knows that the anarchists have been royally fucked over by SWP members though still preaching “solidarity”. The inevitable falling out will be very public…

  2. TRZC said

    This is just an incoherent babbling rant by some pissed of student. I can’t quiet make sense of you last sentences but you don’t actually make any argument against the movement. Substantiate what you say rather than making unqualified statements. Typical ad hominem attacks. Stand strong students. Maybe we can convert these haters…

  3. TC said

    Just to clear this whole equating anti-zionism with anti-semitism farce….

    if I criticise Israel’s occupation and everything it entails such as land grab, restricting movement, indiscriminate killing, apartheid walls, dehumanisation etc and I am accused of anti-semtism, then what my accuser is saying is that all these horrible things I have just listed are an inherent part of Judaism. Now who is the one being anti-semitic?

  4. Solomon Schonfield said

    I was involved with the Occupation of Sussex and i have been at the Occupation in Manchester for two days sharing experiences and thoughts.
    As a Jew i can sympathise with the feeling of intimidation that many Jews may be feeling, i would not dare to belittle this feeling. My being invited in without any sense of anti-semitism is also no proof of a lack of anti-semitism.

    What is proof is that none of the dmenads that have been issued at any of the Occupations around the country have any underlying racism.

    I believe it is a vital responsiblity of the Jewish and Israeli population to openly criticize Israel for continuing its building of settlements and its use of illegal weaponry.

    Apart from that, the belitteling tone of the original commenter does not address the fundamental nature of the demands which aim to help a people who are being subjugated.

  5. Just as a point of interest, I found the following regarding NUS president Wes Streeting in the comments following this very article on the Independent’s website. I quote the comment by zaytoun99 here in full as I feel it is important for anyone reading the article here to see this response.

    This article makes it seem as though Wes Streeting is championing the student movement. But just last week he was quoted by CNN as saying this:”The protesters need to find new ways to campaign vocally without causing disruption to students on campus” Wes Streeting, N.U.S. president, told CNN. president Wes Streeting is certainly not part of the student protest movement in any way shape or form. A future Labour MP? most definitely; a student activist with passion and principles? Never.

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