UMSU Emergency General Meeting next wednsday 11


Next Wednesday there will be a new Emergency General Meeting to hold a debate in solidarity with Gaza. We were unable to hold it last week, as the meeting was blockaded by a small number of Zionist members of our Executive. This denial of our union’s democratic principles caused the University of Manchester’s occupation. Next Wednesday will be our chance to show that our union’s democracy does actually work, so that we can show solidarity with the people of Gaza.

Next Wednesday (11th) at Academy 1 (next to the Student Union), we will try again to hold another Emergency General Meeting. Please join us at 1.30pm on Wednesday 11th to allow us to show our democratic support for this motion, so that we can fight the undemocratic obstruction that we received last week.



  1. mo said


    send me some flyers to promote it. is it the same motion? how many people do we need this time?


  2. lamia said

    yes same motion
    fliers can be found at our stalll outside the union everyday till wed.. come pick sme up and hand them out 🙂

    and we need 500 students- same as last time

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