The Occupied Territories of Manchester

Well well well what a day! Everyone’s having fun. Security’s chilled. Spirits high. (We’re beginning to get bored of the Humous though!)
We spent the day getting our act together: painting banners, building a library and continuing with the media struggle (how we love you oh corporate press!).
Before you give me that defeatist look, there is something you can actually do to help!
Alan Gilbert, our vice chancellor, has still refused to address our demands in a satisfactory tone. You can send letters of support to his email address:
Please bcc letters to
(Offensive emails will not help!)

Rise and shine!!!



  1. Komsan said

    Solidarity with all of you. You’ve all shown tremendous bravery and tenacity in your occupation, especially in the face of police threats and uni management being unco-operative (which is unsurprising considering the treatment we got at Sheffield Hallam).

    I’m passing through Manchester today, and will pop along to try and bring you something else other than humous, crisps perhaps, maybe some chocolate and stuff. If you need help outside the occupation, then I’d be happy to help, even if it were just for a short while.

    Solidarity and all the best!

  2. zainab said

    oh so much optimism!
    good luck, really glad its going welll.

  3. mo said


    thanks for your offer. please make sue you dont bring any nestle or coca cola as we need to make sure our boycott of the zionists is maintained. dairy milk is welcomed!


  4. laila Namdarkhan said

    Sending wishes of solidarity and support to all the students who have engaged with the 60year oppression of the Palestinian people…..Insha Allah your President wakes up from his slumbers and understands that unless the University divests itself of its dealings with Israel then it has to admit it is partial toward that regime and all its inhumane actions against the defenceless people of Palestine…..everyone needs to know the history of the Ethnic Cleansing programme that has been in operation since 1948 orchestrated by the West and USA in response to their guilt for ignoring the plight of Jewish people in Europe from early 1930’s onwards…..In Peace and Understanding Laila

  5. Margaret Farrell said

    You have my full support for your actions. It gives me hope when I see young people who have the courage to speak up and take action while world leaders have been and continue to be accomplices to Israeli oppression of the Palestinian population. Keep up the good work. People can make a difference. Proud of you.
    A Mancunian grandmother living in Rome

  6. ludek said

    excellent work guys, keep it up!

    in solidarity,
    ludek, strathclyde uni

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