Latest developments today (continuously being updated)

Please keep checking back on this post for the latest develoopments today.


1) Around 200 people attended our rally.

2) The people from the rally then marched down to the student union to vote on the general meeting motion.

3) Despite rumours that the opposition were trying to block stairways quorum was “demolished” with well over the required 500 people crammed into the Main Debating Hall, Solem Bar and another room.

4) We have reports that there are over 900 people inside the general meeting. People are still lining up to get in and the demand has far outstripped the university’s capacity. This could be the biggest general meeting in the student union’s history!

5) The oppostion have put in 16 amendments to try and slow down the meeting and sabotage the motion by making sure that if just one of their amendments makes it the motion is meaningless. The first of these wrecking amendments was overwhelmingly rejected. We are also hearing that the total number of people in the meeting is now over a thousand.

6) We won the motion! After the victory hundreds of people marched towards the Vice Chancellor’s office to deliver the occupation’s, and now the union’s, demands. Big fan of student participation that he is Gilbert had already locked the metal gates leading to the main courtyard. Undeterred students have started climbing over the gates and making their way towards Gilbert’s office.

7) After being unable to get to Gilbert’s office due to the security lockdown around 200 students went and blocked Oxford Road before joining the occupation of the Simon Building. I’m writing this update in our packed room holding a mass meeting on where to take the occupation next. What a day!







  1. Anon said

    What time is the meeting due to end?

  2. […] rally they marched on mass to the Student Union meeting an attendance of over 1000 perhaps made it ‘biggest general meeting in the student union’s history’. A significant motion was overwhelming passed initiating a union supported boycott of Israel and […]

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