Message from Melbourne

Manchester students aren’t the first to take on Alan Gilbert. In the late 1990s he was brought into Melbourne to privatise the university, make cuts and be an all round enemy of the students. After a militant campaign from both students and staff he was impeached and his attacks against university staff and students reversed. Below is a message of support we’ve received from the current Education Officer at Melbourne University Student Union.




Dear comrades!

My solidarity to you! I’m the Education (Public Affairs) officer in the
University of Melbourne Student Union here in Australia and a member of
Socialist Alternative. We here in Melbourne are thoroughly inspired by what
you and fellow students have done in showing your support for the people of
Gaza and condemnation of Israel’s brutal assault. If only there were more
radicalised students here in Melbourne that we could occupy our campuses as you have done. What little we can do to show you comrades and the people of Palestine support will be done with an aim to involve and intersect with more students. The Students’ Council, the highest decision-making body of elected students in Melbourne University, will be meeting tomorrow
afternoon to discuss, among other things, a motion of support for
Palestinians. It will be a pleasure to include support and solidarity for
the Manchester University Gaza Occupation, and we will also hopefully
direct the Students’ Council to compose a letter to Alan Gilbert to
resurrect ‘the ghosts of the past’. I shall have an answer for you this
time tomorrow. Keep up the excellent work and maintain the rage!

Yours for the Revolution



  1. said

    Wow, so Gilbert wound up in Manchester. Under his admin, Melbourne Uni set up a private arm – Melb Uni Private – but it had its charter revoked by the government since it conducted absolutely no research and thus could not legally be called a “university”. It was an misconceived, ideologically-driven cash grab that ended up failing spectacularly and costing the uni millions.

    All the best with the occupation!!!

  2. […] were also pleased to receive a message of support from students in Melbourne – who it turns out have also suffered at the hands of Principle Alan […]

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