Motion Passed!


We have come back from the university to declare that the students of Manchester University have voted overwhelmingly to PASS THE MOTION!!!! This is a victory for the student movement and brings us another step closer to achieving our aims for the people of war torn Gaza.

The opposition used every trick in the book during the meeting. They submitted 16 amendments to change the nature of the motion, attempted to overthrow the chair but the students said NO, WE ARE HEAR TO SUPPORT THE PALESTINIANS, WE ARE HEAR TO TAKE A STAND AGAINST WAR CRIMES.

The rally before was hugely successful. Academics and activists alike spoke resoundingly in support of the student occupation and the motion. This was then capped of my a poem musically rapped by acclaimed UK Hiphop artist Lowkey. We began marching toward the meeting and even before the meeting commenced, quorum had already been met. Students rammed the council chambers and the lunar cafe alike. After the slimy tricks of the oppostion and the successful vote, students marched side by side toward the Vice-Chancellor’s office. They are currently scaling the gates……

Today was a victory for the students but more importantly for the suffering people of Palestine. Soon they will they will talk, not about May ’68, but Feb ’09…..




  1. J said

    First of all, congratulations on reaching quorum – that doesn’t happen often enough.

    Second, while I broadly sympathise with your cause, what’s the deal with going after the VC? Do you honestly expect to achieve something, or are you just targeting the most convenient authority figure you can find? I have to say that the reasons you are citing (arms industry links etc.) are pretty tenuous.

  2. Gary said

    scaling the fences to the VC’s office – wow. Melanie Phillips is sure going to hate you lot. Manchester is the zionists’ strongest base, as if you didn’t know. Viva Manchester
    Now another occupation – this time GOLDSMITHS. They don’t have a blog yet but are on Facebook

    gary at

  3. Great news. Congratulations to you all. This is one in the eye for the Zionists. They will all be getting their backsides kicked by their handlers as we write.

    And this Gilbert creature sounds like a rather nasty piece of work–just been reading his Wikipedia entry. I suppose you have to feel just a little sorry for failed privateers like him in the present global economic shambles. His neo-liberal world has collapsed. “The end of history” indeed.

    I didn’t like the sound of his belated response to you. Bully boy threats of “misconduct”. And the bombing and shelling of a defenceless people was not “misconduct”? I think it is going to take something like scaling the gates of the VC’s office to shift him.

  4. Brian said

    I don’t think you guys have realised that the procedural motion to remove the chair was just an attempt to grab the microphone.

    The proposer obviously had no intention of removing the chair, just wanted some airtime before the vote.

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