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Please contact the university’s Vice Chancellor Alan Gilbert, to request that he negotiates with us! Email:
Telephone: 0161 306 6010

** * Please cc all emails to Alan Gilbert to



  1. Sue-Ann said

    Please, surely this is not the time and place to tell others what to do or how to interpret various religious beliefs, no matter how well meaning you are. Surely people can make their own decisions according to their own consciences.

  2. kay said

    This is exactly the time! Please excuse my directness and as I stated, my aim is not to undermine the occupation – it is simply to highlight the issue to muslims. Also, it is not a matter of “interpreting” religious beliefs as you put it..because what I state is not from my opinions, they are the opinions of our prophet and the people of knowledge..I simply passed on a reminder and now it is up to people to decide. Nowhere in my statement did I tell people or direct them to leave the occupation – the fact of the matter is that many people have mentioned liberating our brothers and sisters etc etc (making it a religious issue aswell as a humanitarian issue) so as my brothers and sisters in Islam, it is encumbent upon me to enlighten you on the possibility of displeasing Allah swt, despite having immensly noble actions.

    Once again, I am not telling others what they should do – all I’m saying is, sometimes what seems right to you may not necessarily make the action permissible..and God knows best..Peace/Salaam and sorry if I have offended anyone.

  3. Just to let you know I have sent a message to Gilbert. I urge others to do the same mentioing the victorious Gaza motion (append a copy of it to him).

  4. Henry Flower said

    Why are you removing all unsupportive or embarassing comments?

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