Sundays are often a day of rest but we, the students of Manchester have been busy as ever. As we maintain the space, the Action Palestine National Conference is taking place in London and we eagerly waiting for feedback in response to the occupation. During this we continue our campaign to pressure and educate the students of Manchester. The space, as well as being a symbol of defiance to the Vice-Chancellors inability to engage in a reasonable and fair dialogue, is a thriving utopia of learning and education; a banner making factory in addition to a place where radical new ideas and thoughts are constantly being exchanged. We have recently made a new banner which focuses on Gilberts supposed ‘impartiality’ that the university must remain apolitical. But we say, SILENCE IS A POLTICAL POSITION! By actively making the decision not to withdraw from the arms trade, such a political position is heavily explicit. A meeting was had to discuss the prevailing week and there is a renewed air of activity. We have divided into smaller committees to discuss next steps of action. The main priority being the National Demonstration on the 4th March at 2.00pm outside Manchester Students Union, Oxford Road. We await the news from the national conference. Can we take this opportunity once again to apologise for the lack of new posts. Because of the plethora of activity, it has been difficult to update the blog but we assure this will not be the case from now on.

Onward toward Victory for Gaza!


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