The Whole World Is Watching, Gilbert!

The Whole World Is Watching, Gilbert!

If there is a lesson to be learnt in the last few weeks it is this: attempting to silence our struggle, to silence our endeavour, to stop us from showing solidarity with the people of Gaza, merely results in even greater determination, and even more resolve.

When we organised an emergency general meeting, the supporters of Israel and its inhumane actions distinguished themselves in their anti-democratic attempts to silence our stance, to shamefully silence our desire to express legitimate outrage at the continuing oppression of Palestine and its people. Their answer came one week later when, out of disgust at the attempt to sabotage democracy, over a thousand people turned out to reclaim our union and take the power back!

Our generation is determined to succeed where others have failed. We have been compared to 1968, but we are determined to create a new benchmark, one which is based on success rather than myth. We are conscious that we are masters of our destiny and that we are contributing towards a small chapter of history, a history which is part of the long struggle for Palestinian freedom.

We have now entered our third week in occupation; three weeks, the same amount of time the people of Gaza spent sheltering under their homes in the face of the Israeli onslaught. They emerged from underneath the rubble of their schools, hospitals and homes. When they buried their dead, they dusted themselves down, looked to the sky, and raised their hands in defiance, declaring themselves Palestinian, that they exist.

We will never forget them — we are inspired by them.

Given the inadequate response so far by the management of the University of Manchester, it would appear that they may be reading the Israeli rule book on negotiations, what with their unilateral declarations and conditions. That being so, it is obvious that they are not listening to us. What do they think we mean when we declare: ‘in our thousands, in our millions, we are all Palestinians!’

As far as we are concerned the university can have their Israeli rule book, because we are reading a better book: the Palestinian manual of resistance.

Therefore we call upon all students, all academics and all concerned citizens from across the country to join our struggle. On Wednesday 4th March 2009, we will take our message to the management to ensure that the university meet every one of our demands, to make Spring 09 the defining moment in the history of previous student movements.

We will not rest until the cries of the oppressed people of Palestine no longer reach the sky!



  1. Jean Paul Tavares said

    Keep it up! Let’s make sure the whole world sees this!!

  2. Henry said

    The most inspiring thing I’ve read in a long time. You guys are simply amazing.

  3. Peace said

    You, are the inspiration.

  4. X said

    The world is ours. Viva.

  5. mhuzzell said

    Stay strong, keep going! The world IS watching.

  6. You re a true inspiration.

    I recommend to you the Salam Band UK–made up of Arab and non-Arab musicians—based on Teeside.

    See them playing:

    Why don’t you invite them to your next occupation event?

  7. Slavek said

    Amazing work, really inspiring, keep it up!!

    in solidarity,

    Strathclyde Uni

  8. PaddyTheGreek said

    Keep up the good work comrade!

  9. occupationnottingham said

    brilliant work and a powerful statement, keep going strong guys, solidarity from nottingham

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