Demonstrate for Gaza: Manchester Students’ Union 4th March 2pm!

Demonstrate for Gaza: Manchester Students’ Union 4th March 2pm!

Despite a so-called ceasefire, Israeli bombing raids over Gaza continue. Over 400,000 people are now without running water, and nearly 100,000 aremarch4colour25 now homeless. And despite calls from millions across the world Israel’s war continues- now through its blockade; meaning that vital supplies for hospitals, educational facilities, and building materials cannot reach the 1.5 million people of Gaza. This means that its vital we redouble our efforts demanding an end to Israel’s attacks, and step up our campaigns to make sure that aid gets to Gaza. Lives are depending on it.

Manchester Students have been in occupation of the Simon building now for over 23 days-the longest in the country. We are asking that the University takes a progressive stance on Gaza. Amongst other demands (see other posts), we want the University to deliver surplus academic goods to the bombed schools, and also offer scholarships to Palestinian Students. We also want the University to support the growing Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement and disinvest from the arms companies which supply Israel with its weapons of destruction. Universities across the country have agreed to demands just like this-only today the management of Cardiff  agreed to divest from Israeli companies! There have been countless more examples of huge successes achieved by occupations.

Come along on Wednesday the 4th at 2pm in the Quad (by the Union) to show support for the besieged people of Gaza, and to ask the University to begin to listen to the students’ over Gaza. Come and join our movement for a free  Palestine and demand that Manchester University stops supporting Israel’s murder and supports justice in Gaza.


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