Flobots visit the Manchester University occupation!

Alternative american HiphopRock band Flobots visited the students in the occupied Simon Building to show support and solidarity for their efforts! Supporting Punk band Anti-Flag, critically acclaimed Flobots who have opened for acts like Rage Against the Machine, Matisyahu, Public Enemy, The Coup, Lyrics Born, and Immortal Technique sat and chat with the students and commended their occupation. Lead MC, Jonny 5 cited “Your courage and persistence are an inspiration to people everywhere! Thank you for helping to spark a movement that could very well help turn the tide and make peace and justice possible where it seemed impossible. Keep standing your ground but also reaching out to people on all sides!”

The group having left, later rejoined the occupation to help with banner painting for the National Demo (Tuesday 4th March, Manchester Students Union, Oxford Road)! The band commence a 2 and half week tour of England.



  1. ruinitall said

    I saw Flobots live for the first time a week ago, they’re a great band.

  2. ruinitall said

    P.S. They’re touring with Rise Agaisnt as well, not just Anti-Flag, and all of the bands have strong social stance. Rise Against are even vegan and straight edge.

  3. Tom Bryan said

    Fuse FM Newscast online:

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