Flobots, Anti Flag and a National Demonstration

Following on from from their visit on Friday night, Flobots offered students in the occupation tickets to their gig at the O2 Academy in Sheffield the next day, and a chance to plug Wednesday’s national demo in Manchester. 

Jonny 5 and Brer Rabbit with the Banner We made
Jonny 5, Brer Rabbit and the Occupiers

On Saturday evening five of students jumped in a car and drove to Sheffield with a banner and leaflets. They went backstage and met Flobots and Anti Flag who all praised the occuaption and expressed their support for our actions. The Flobots played their set, and halfway through Anti Flag’s set, the students were invited on stage to explain briefly about the occupation and to plug Wednesday’s national demonstration.

The students then flyered outside the venue after the gig, and then gave interviews for the Flobots’ site (www.fightwithtools.org) who said they are keen to capture the energy from their shows and transform that to energy to something that can effect change. 

With several people from Sheffield committing themselves to come to the demonstration, the night was a success and loads of fun!

Forward to Wednesday!


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  1. مع اسرائيل على قيد الحياة said

    My comments on this photo were censored as I expected from an anti-democratic movement denying other students and staff access to the University premises.

    Shame on your utter disrespect of freedom of speech!

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