A National Student protest in Manchester to support the Student occupation

Students from across the country attended a protest today to support Gaza and the Manchester student occupation. At 2pm students 200 held a rally outside the Students Union, before marching via the Vice Chancellors building around the campus.

Students there have been occupying a lecture theatre in the University’s Simon Building in support of Gazans. The students have issued a list of demands to the University to take a progressive stance on Gaza crisis. The demands include ending all investment and research in the manufacturing of weapons, providing scholarships for Palestinian students and Israelis who refuse to serve in the IDF, and sending surplus academic supplies from refurbished buildings to students in Gaza.

The students in the Manchester occupation have constantly tried to negotiate with University Management, but the Management has refused to sincerely engage with the students. The demo was called by the occupation in response to the continued intransigence of the university management.

The actions by students in Manchester are part of a nationwide surge in student activism in response to the recent Israeli assault on Gaza, and the on-going humanitarian crisis. Manchester is one of over 30 universities to go into occupation, many of which have been very successful. Teachers and lecturers have expressed support for occupations both locally and nationally, with the lecturers union, the UCU, issuing a statement praising the occupying students. The Manchester occupation, like all the other occupations, has also received messages of solidarity from Palestinian student organisations and universities, including the Student Council of An-Najah National University, which is twinned with the University of Manchester, and another message came from the Islamic University of Gaza.



  1. Student Activist said

    Pics or Videos from todays demo?

  2. اسرائيل خالية من الإرهاب said

    I am glad the students in University of Manchester are realizing that occupations are efficient.

    From their Gaza demands, I would have thought they were against the occupation.

    Keep it up!

    مع اسرائيل على قيد الحياة
    עם ישראל חי

  3. Gary said

    good stuff manchester. hopefully Gilbert will start to open up.

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