National protest – Manchester, Wedn 4th March – 2pm

1Support Gaza
Support the Student occupations

National student protest – Manchester
Wednesday 4th March – 2pm
University of Manchester Students Union

Support us by:
– Mobilise people for the protest on Wednesday.
– Publicise this demo, via mailing lists, blogs, websites, etc.
– Email the Vice Chancellor ( demanding him to negotiate with us.

A national demonstration has been called in support of the student occupations. It’s crucial that we have as much representation from different Universities, Colleges and Schools as possible.

We in Manchester have been in occupation for almost four weeks now, yet the University has so far refused to negotiate with us. The University still invests in the arms trade, leading to some students having to disrupt a DSTL stall (an agency of the MoD) at an official graduate recruitment fair.

The Vice Chancellor Alan Gilbert has threatened expulsion for students who are involved.

Our demands are in line with current Union policy having received an overwhelming majority at an Emergency General Meeting, attended by over 1,100 students.

Being the biggest university in the UK, all eyes are on Manchester, and the success of the occupation here is critical to the success of the national movement.

A full list of our demands can be found at our website.

The website for the occupation is

For more information please email us at,


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