Representatives visited the occupation a short time ago with a letter citing that there were reports from university staff of misconduct when the students peacefully recreated a checkpoint at the entrances and exits of the Quadrangle. The letter also stated that they have issued a formal warning that if students do not vacate by 5.00pm today (in spite of the fact the letter was issued at 4.15pm) these allegations of misconduct will be investigated and punitive measures will be taken. He has still committed to negotiations should the students leave, with the executive and occupation representatives. Gilbert has however in the past, failed to give any good faith acceptance to negotiations either changing the time or not assenting to the occupations reasonable demands. Students are gathering in the occupation now to discuss further the next steps of action. Please check back for regular updates.


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  1. […] occupiers were threatened with ‘punitive measures’ against them on Wednesday if they failed to leave the occupation. The occupiers decided to stay in […]

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