The time for the ultimatum to vacate has passed and the students have stayed in defiance. Having discussed the pros and cons, with one eye on the clock, the final decision was made to stay and write a letter advising the occupation would leave upon receipt of appointment.

After the meeting, security started moving em mass toward the building initially stating that they would film students once they would moved out of the building. In reponse, the 50 or so students who gathered, began to mask themselves with keffiyahs and flags however, after negotiating with the security guards, they (security guards) decided to defy the University admins demand to film and gave a good faith agreement not to.

Having initially taken down all the banners and flags, following the decision, the occupation quickly redecorated. Discussion and letter writing still continues amongst the students. Keep checking for up to the minute news.



  1. John Smith said

    On behalf of everyone reading. I would like to thank you for keeping us up to date as events enroll. It’s very much appreicated.

    Good Luck!!

    In solidarity with the struggle. peace and love

  2. […] measures’ against them on Wednesday if they failed to leave the occupation. The occupiers decided to stay in defiance of the ultimatum. They have ended the occupation today after finally succeeding in […]

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