The Vice Chancellor Professor Alan Gilbert’s former university which he brought to near ruins by privatizing the university’s assets effectively creating a two-tier system, have been in constant correspondence with us throughout the occupation providing support and solidarity. Today they sent pictures of students outside the self-named Alan Gilbert building with a banner which they have sent showing support for all the occupations across the United Kingdom. melbourne1melbourne2melbourne3melbourne4



  1. Manc Student said

    Amazing. I for one am glad to see the students of Melbourne standing in solidarity with the people of Gaza and the students of Manchester. They have obviously not forgotten the destructive reign of Alan Gilbert at their university and neither shall we. We salute you for driving him out of Melbourne University , even though we have since been subjected to his reign of indifference and hostility to the democratic right to protest. President? Ha! Hopefully the students of Manchester take a leaf from Melbourne’s book!

  2. Sue-Ann said

    As an alumni student from melbourne uni now at manchester, I’m really pleased to see Melbourne involved! I wrote to RRR radio station (in Melbourne) about the occupations but don’t know if they took up the story – maybe they will now…

  3. whoevaur said

    Alan Gilbert Building!!!!

  4. Superb photos and a splendid gesture from Oz.

    Spread the occupations!

  5. مع اسرائيل على قيد الحياة said

    I am glad the students in University of Melbourne are realizing that Gaza occupations are good.

    From their Gaza demands, I would have thought they were against the occupation.

    Sad the israeli gvt did not share their opinion back in 2005 and withdrew from the strip.

    Keep it up boys! Serious students would have outperformed you anyway.

    مع اسرائيل على قيد الحياة
    עם ישראל חי

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