News report of Wednesday’s events from Fuse FM

Manchester Student Union radio station Fuse FM have produced a news video of Wednesday’s events and put it on YouTube. They have done a great job, even capturing Gilbert’s rant at us on camera. Brings back memories of a very exciting day!



  1. اسرائيل خالية من الإرهاب said

    I am glad the students in University of Manchester are realizing that occupations are efficient.

    From their Gaza demands, I would have thought they were against the occupation.

    مع اسرائيل على قيد الحياة
    עם ישראל חי

  2. We’re all waiting impatiently for details of your victory here at Plymouth!

    Solidarity & congratulations
    Plymouth Students

  3. […] Manchester have a video of a rally in support of their occupation up on the site. […]

  4. sana said

    I’m not sure if you have already but on the ITV website you can upload your own news…

    this will probably be a good way of getting more people aware.


  5. Trevor said

    Is it true that some of the occupants are not actually University of Manchester Students?

  6. Part 1 of a my own video of the demo on Wednesday:

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