After 31 days, 2 Emergency General Meetings, support from academics, students and trade unions from across the globe, as part of over 30 occupations in the U.K, students scaling the gates and blockading the Board of Directors car park; with guest speakers, workshops and film nights; after resolute defiance to countless threats from the University administration, students and activists from the University of Manchester can declare they are entering into negotiations on their terms with the Vice-Chancellor!

The decision was made from the group that leaving today was going to leave them in a position of strength. The fact the Vice-Chancellor did not issue an ultimatum time demonstrates it was the students calling the shots.

In addition to this, the lecturers of the University, who have provided substantial support to the occupation, have indicated things are looking optimistic for negotiations which will commence on Monday. The Vice-Chancellor will meet with some members of the student union of the executive and representatives from the occupation. But the entire dynamic of the negotiations favours the students. With Alan Gilbert fully aware of how quickly the students can mobilise and are not afraid to take direct action.

The battle is by no means won but by ending on such a strong position, with the threat of the hundreds if not thousands of students who are able to mobilise quickly, Gilbert is in a vulnerable position.



  1. John Smith said

    Hasta La Victoria Siempre!!

    In Solidarity!

  2. pink said

    excellent news, well done on sticking it out so long – thanks for the regular updates and good luck with the negotiations 🙂

  3. Jan said

    Well done and remember to give us updated with the neogotations!

  4. Jumanah said

    pictures from the demo on wednesday
    solidarity x

  5. usayd said

    Well done guys, excellent work

  6. liam said

    well done to everyone involved in keeping it going for so long! we were in for three days at glasgow and that was hard enough!
    best of luck for negotiations next week

  7. Aisha. R said

    Brilliant news!
    Well done for remaining in occupation for all this time, you truly have earned the respect and admiration of many, many people.
    Your dedication to the Palestinian cause is an inspiration to us all and I’m so proud to be studying alongside such amazing, courageous individuals!
    Solidarity Guys…
    Keep up the struggle, you will always have our support! =)

  8. andy said

    Congratulations from east london from the many of us down here who have been following your struggle. You commitment and resolve are an inspiration to us and a credit to you all, especially in the face of such intransigent management. Hope the negotiations go well…. Solidarity forever!

  9. Kaze no Kae said


  10. Good luck with your negotiations.

  11. […] Report from: https://manunioccupation.wordpress.com/2009/03/06/onward-toward-victory-for-the-manchester-intifada/ […]

  12. Layth said

    That’s absolutely fantastic – I hope the rest of the battle is won too.

    Well done, you’re already the pride of a lot of people now.

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