Update on negotiations from Student Direct newspaper

Demonstration earlier this year

From: Student Direct


DEMANDS OF PROTESTERS who took part in the month-long occupation of University buildings in protest against Israel’s military actions in Gaza last term are being met by the University of Manchester.

Arrangements have been made by the University for surplus academic aid to be sent to Gaza. Negotiations are in progress with the University to secure scholarships in Manchester for students from Gaza and to boycott the sale of produce from the occupied territories.

“The University has met with the student Executive and with representatives of the protesters and discussed a number of initiatives related to the policy on Gaza passed at the Union meeting,” a University spokesperson said.

“We are making progress on a number of issues and the discussions with the Executive are ongoing.”

The Manchester occupation was one of 34 protests taking place at universities around the UK. Other occupations have also had success in securing deals to benefit Gazan students.

Third-year Biochemistry student and Action Palestine member Nasreen Hunaina, who was involved in the occupation, said: “I think the negotiations with the University are looking positive. The donation of surplus supplies, a key demand for the occupation, is currently being organised, this is something that will have practical results for students in Gaza.”

Other students were also positive. Matt Scholey, a first-year Politics and Modern History student, said: “These measures are not just symbolic, they are about contributing practically to positive change in the world.

“We hope to provide scholarships to students whose university buildings have been demolished as well as send surplus supplies to educational establishments in Gaza.”

A meeting between Vice-Chancellor Alan Gilbert and the Students’ Union Executive is scheduled to take place this Thursday 30th April.


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