Who are we?

We are a group of Manchester University students who are very concerned about the situation in Gaza. Since Israel’s latest assault we have campaigned on our campus to raise awareness of the situation in Gaza amongst students; focusing upon how Israel’s blockade, bombing, and ground invasion have acted to deny Palestinian students a right to an education.

We are also concerned with Manchester University’s complicity with Israeli war crimes, and their refusal to back Palestinian civil society groups in their call for a campaign of boycotts, disinvestments, and sanctions against Israeli apartheid.

Our campaign has a view of Universities which can be places which strive to fight for a progressive world-to this end we aim to pressure the University to offer scholarships to Palestinian students who educational rights while under occupation are so frequently denied.

Our campaign has turned to marches and occupation as a result of the blocking of all other political alternatives. Our University board is neither elected nor responsive to students demands, and our Union at present works to silence pro-Palestine campaigns through equating them with anti-Semitism, and dissolving meetings which propose criticism of Israel’s war on the Palestinian people.

We urge all students who agree with these points to read further about our various campaigns, our occupation updates, and our various posts throughout the site.

Finally, we encourage all students to get involved in the campaign over the Gaza crisis through joining with the occupying students and fighting to ensure that Manchester University accepts the just demands of the occupying students.

Contact: manuni@actionpalestine.org



  1. Mitri said

    Supporting you and viva Palestine

  2. Z said

    Totally respect you guys! Going to spread the word- keep going, your passion and hard work will pay off (inshallah)

    Free, Free Palestine!

  3. Wendy Olsen said

    I am writing in a personal capacity. Yesterday I explained to you that the UCU union, of which I am a branch officer, has passed a national motion objecting to the attacks on Gaza and this motion is very detailed and we discussed it.

    I am writing to pass on to you my sincere support, and with my friend Adel Nasser, (we are both together here) to offer you my support in your successful conclusion of your negotiations with the president of the University of Manchester.



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  9. Karim - McGill Graduate Student said

    Congratulations! I wish you all the best! Unfortunately, our undergraduate student society at McGill University (Montreal, Canada) did not have the courage to even debate a motion condemning the Israeli attacks on educational institutions in Gaza.

  10. Charly said

    You guys don’t get it. Israel has been attacked by the Hamas for at least 8 years! Why are you guys so emotional about Palastine but not about all the other countries which face humanitarian catastrophes? Look at Zimbawe – people are dying there and you don’t do any campaigning against Mugabe? War is a horrible thing but what would you do when being attacked for years?
    For you it’s very easy to blame Israel for this catastrophe but not the Hamas.

    Boycotting Israel is in my opinion very extreme and seems very Anti-semitic.

  11. Daniel said

    You are supporting terrorism ! How blind can you be not to understand that the HAMAS are responsible for the mysery of the palestenian people. Israel, like every other country in the world, has the right to protect itself. The attack on Gaza would have never begun if Hamas hadnt shot rockets into Israel for 8 long years. Fight for the people of Congo or Sri Lanka, where real war crimes are taking place !!!

  12. Sarah said

    Re : Daniel.
    Hamas might have attacked Israel for at least seven years, which causes Israel to fight back. Yet Israel has been expelling Palestinians out of their lands for 60 years since its establishment in 1948. If you still stay that the 7-year attack of HAMAS on Israel leads to more destruction to Palestinian than the 60-years direct attack of Israel on Palestine, then congratulation. You master mathematics.:)

  13. Sarah said

    Re : Charly.
    I think the people in this occupation are concern of other catastrophes all over the world too.But they are concentrating on Gaza issue now, you can’t expect them to do everything at the same time, each of them has just one brain 2 arms 2 feet. If you are really concern about Congo/Sri Lanka, how about if you set up campaigns for that and unite with other campaigns under Stop The War coalition?I think that seems better than just complaining why the people in this occupation do nothing on Congo/Sri Lanka issue when you can initiate things on yourself. šŸ™‚

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