Support us

1. Come to the National demo on campus on Wednesday 4th 2pm outside the union!

2. Help us promote the demo: Help out at stalls outside the student union from 10am till 4pm, we are also meeting at 6pm on the union steps for more leafleting and postering (Monday & Tuesday)
We will be holding a stall again from 10am outside the student union (Wednesday)

(outside Manchester)
3. Contact the university’s Vice Chancellor Alan Gilbert, to request that he negotiates with us! Email:
Telephone: 0161 306 6010

** * Please cc all emails to Alan Gilbert to



  1. irene said

    Hi guys
    You are fantastic, very well done.
    I am learning lots thanks to you.
    Would you like a hot meal? I could cook something big and nice, just email me and I will do it.
    Hasta la Victoria Siempre!


  2. Stella Ridgway said

    Came to see you all Friday after going to teh vigil at the BBC – keep it up; don’t let Gilbert put you off – you hold the power – without you paying the fees there is no university, I have e-mailed him tonight as well.
    Solidarity and peace

  3. Karen said

    Hello Manchester occupiers,

    I’m at Edinburgh University and this morning we came out of our 5 day long occupation exhausted but with 5 out of our 6 demands met (to a certain extent). It’s inspiring to see how much attention and awareness you are creating down there and that you still have such energy after 12 days! Keep up the good work. You are showing the rest of the country what they SHOULD be out there doing with you.

    Here’s our blog: if you want to get in touch. There’s a real student movement for action in solidarity with Gaza now. Hopeful times!

    In solidarity (of course),

  4. John Gonzales said


  5. UEL Occupiers said

    We, the occupiers at University of East London show absolute solidarity with your occupation! Together we show the world that the students are ready to take a stand in the name of justice.

    Its time to acknowledge the fact that nothing can be achieved without stepping forward and taking a stand. Your ongoing strength is an inspiration to us all. We are proud to be a part of this nationwide movement for peace.

    Throughout history, nothing was ever accomplished without unity and we beleive this united movement will bring about a more just, unified and equal society.

    Stay strong! Free Palestine! Free Gaza!

    University of East London Occupation.

  6. NP said

    would like to say i think you guys are fantanstic! We are all behind youuuuuuu!

    ‘long live palestine long live gaza!

    see u all on weds and keep up the great work! 🙂

  7. Crystal Ball said

    On Wednesday will you be threatening University of Manchester staff in the John Owens building as you were on the 11th Feb 2009 when you were trying to break into the building. Peaceful demo ????????????????????

  8. اسرائيل خالية من الإرهاب said

    Human Rights Watch is one of the most powerful advocate for the promotion of ethics and international law, but by Amnesty International and the United Nations, and shared responsibility to turn these principles into weapons aimed at Israel.

    In the most recent example, Human Rights Watch, Kenneth Roth, chaired, and began the campaign that the Israeli army claims that the use of white phosphorus weapons are illegal in the conflict with Hamas in Gaza. The organization issued a press release, and then deploy more details, while officials in interviews to promote the allegations. Mark Garlasco, who claims the title, “a senior military analyst” (on the basis of a short stint in the Ministry of Defense), and declared: “White phosphorus can cause burning of houses and terrible burns when in contact with the skin … and Israel must not be used in Gaza and the densely populated areas “.

    Within a few hours, “White Phosphorus” and the story was involved in dozens of newspapers and Internet blogs and television news programs. Army officers, including Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Ashkenazi, denied that Israel used phosphorus in the anti-personnel weapons, but this did not slow down the viral spread of this story.

    Human Rights Watch, “evidence” is based entirely on innuendo and verifiable, “a witness.” One report states that “[o] n January 9, Human Rights Watch researchers on the hilltop overlooking the Gaza Strip from the north-west of the observed number of bursts of air-artillery-fired white phosphorus seems to be more of the city of Gaza / Jabalya area. In addition, Human Rights Watch analysis of photographs taken by the media on the Israeli border with Gaza. “Human Rights Watch researchers did not name them; they do not provide detailed information on the control sites, nor does it define the image of” suits “to make independent verification of This “evidence” impossible.

    Indeed, two days later, the International Committee of the Red Cross, which certainly can not be accused of being pro-Israel bias, a statement in support of the Israeli army. “The use of phosphorus smoke or illuminate a target to establish a project under international law,” he said, adding that there was no evidence that Israel “is used in Phosphorus questionable, such as the burning of buildings or the awareness of the vulnerability of civilians.” (Flares help the search and rescue to save the lives of wounded soldiers and the kidnapping to prevent Hamas from the bodies of dead soldiers. To claim that such illegal operations is in itself immoral.)

    However, these points were secondary to non-governmental organizations ideologues – the important point is that the images that fit the dominant narrative of Israel as is always the case of persons guilty of war crimes, and the Palestinians (or, in the Second Lebanon War in 2006, Hezbollah) of the innocent victims. In this campaign, and joined the Organization for Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, B’Tselem and the Palestinian Center for Human Rights. The latter is funded by the European Union, ostensibly to promote democracy and human rights. Hamas has carried out when a phosphorous on Israel to these organizations, including Human Rights Watch, was silent, as was the case with respect to the use of human shields in the Gaza Strip and other crimes of a real war.

    By the time confirmed by the International Committee of the Red Cross IDF data, and damage – the image of Israel as a serial violator of international law, human rights and promote – a major success for the Hamas movement. CNN, The Times (London), Christian Science Monitor, run by the major stories, embellished with excerpts of the doctors in the Gaza Strip, including the propaganda Mads Gilbert, who claimed to have seen phosphorus burns. Gilbert also justified the 9-11 terrorist attacks, but this did not prevent the Norwegian government-funded to assist in the financing of the Committee of his incitement. (But then, CNN was ignored by Dr. Peter Grossman, an expert in California, burns and a link with the conflict, which he said “it is not possible to say, on the basis of photographs and burns, and whether white phosphorus was responsible.”)

    Based on these reports, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan reiterated the false claim in the diatribe against Israel, and thus deepening the dispute between Ankara and Jerusalem, and the growing sense of alienation in Israel.

    False allegations of white phosphorous is part of a pattern of the leadership of the Human Rights Watch that reflects the modern version of fabrications. Compared to last year, Human Rights Watch was a pioneer in the use of international legal discourse, such as “collective punishment”, to attack Israel. In July 30, 2006 Qana incident in the Second Lebanon War, Lucy Mair) former researcher at Human Rights Watch said the campaign with the history of anti-Israel), and ignored the Red Cross estimate of the losses on the ground 28), which proved to be the actual number (for the benefit of higher than the estimates submitted by 54 alleged “survivor.” Human Rights Watch estimate false widely picked up and the media and also published by Human Rights Watch in August 1, 2006 press release, which sparked international criticism and led to the suspension for 48 hours in the International Astronautical Federation, which extended the war.

    Similarly, Mark Garlasco body to the outstanding leadership of “investigation” in a Gaza beach in 2006, repeating that “the evidence overwhelmingly supports the allegations that civilians were killed in an artillery shell fired by the Israeli army,” and ignore the details that were not fit the ideology of a “conclusion” . Garlasco of the authors of Human Rights Watch, “Razing Rafah” report in 2004, which contains many of the disputed claims and to verify, and erase the context of terrorism, and was used to justify participating in the Organization for Human Rights Watch, the anti-Israel boycott campaigns.

    In this way, and other Human Rights Watch, the self-proclaimed human rights organizations have contributed significantly to undermining the basis of moral and ethics and international law. Instead of repeatedly calling for “independent investigations” of Israel, and donors of the Organization of Human Rights Watch and the need to conduct an investigation into how the organization has been destroyed by the serious from the inside.

    The writer is the Executive Director of the Observatory of non-governmental organizations.

  9. kazumi said

    keep it up!

  10. اسرائيل خالية من الإرهاب said

    المو حماس ومؤيديها في مانشستر!
    اسرائيل خالية من الإرهاب
    حرة من الاحتلال University of Manchester

  11. Rob Lowton said

    I saw you guys as I was walking past the University on Wednesday night. Im not a student, but I was wondering what was going on until I found this website. Very informative and I didnt realise that Manchester University was supporting Israel in this way.
    Im not really familiar with the Middle East conflicts (excuse my ignorance) but im aware of whats going on between Israel and Palestinian peoples, and Israels incursion into Palestine and the support of it by the Western world is a hypocrisy of all that it stands for, especially considering Iraq did the same with Kuwait (the only difference is theres no Oil in Palestine for the Yanks to loose is there especially as they “support” Israel anyway.)
    Hope you guys have more demonstrations on the way and you get your voice heard loudly, but peacefully.

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